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מנעי עיניך מדמעה: הסכמי קדם-נישואין למניעת סירוב גט

רחל לבמור, מנעי עיניך מדמעה: הסכמי קדם-נישואין למניעת סירוב גט, הוצ' אריאל-מפעלי תורה ומועצת רבני ישראל הצעיר, ירושלים תשס"ט, 274 עמ'.

"Save your eyes from tears: Prenuptial Agreements for the Prevention of Get Refusal"

This extensive halachic work is currently available in Hebrew. An English translation is in the works.


Rabbinic Responses in Favor of Prenuptial Agreements

Rachel Levmore, Tradition 42:1 (Spring 2009), pp. 29-49

Get-Refusal and the Agreement for Mutual Respect: Israel Today

Rachel Levmore, Hakirah 9 (Winter 2010), pp. 173-190

The Prenuptial Agreement of Mutual Respect, Get and English Law

Rachel Levmore and Daniel Clarke, Jewish Law (Dec. 2008)

The Agreement for Mutual Respect': The Workings of a Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of Get-Refusal as a Halakhic Autonomous Tool

Rachel Levmore, Jewish Law Association Studies XXIII (Fordham volume), Dec 2012/Jan 2013, p. 147-172.

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