Meet the Directors

Dr. Rachel Levmore

Dr. Levmore has been the Director of the Agunot and Get-Refusal Prevention Program for over a decade. As an expert on the agunah problem she is the author of מניעי ענייך מדמעה (“Save your eyes from tears”) on prenuptial agreements, published in Hebrew. Dr. Levmore holds a Ph.D. in Talmud and Jewish Law from Bar Ilan University. Her dissertation focused on the change in rulings of the Israeli Rabbinic Courts in the most difficult cases of get-refusal. Dr. Levmore is an internationally recognized leader in resolving and preventing the agunah problem. She lectures about halacha, women in halacha and divorce in Jewish Law, in Israel and Jewish communities around the world.

As an active Rabbinical Court Advocate (טוענת רבנית) since 1995, Dr. Rachel Levmore has specialized in cases of Iggun and get-refusal heard by the Israeli Rabbinical Courts. In January 2000 she became the first woman to join the "Agunot Unit" in the Directorate of the Israeli Rabbinical Courts. In her capacity as program director and coordinator she has helped hundreds of women attain their freedom from the untenable chains that bound them.

Dr. Levmore is often a lone voice in the bewildering maze of the Israeli Rabbinical Courts, calling for and affecting the development of solutions to the problems of people in desperate straits. She is recognized by the Rabbinical Judges as someone who can assist them in achieving resolution of cases in an halachic manner, where they had been formerly stymied. Dr. Levmore resolves difficult cases of husband disappearance and of get-refusal in Israel and in the Diaspora. She is in close contact with Chief Rabbis, Rabbinical Courts and community Rabbis the world-over. She was one of a team that developed a Prenuptial Agreement for the prevention of get-refusal, which relates to problems specific to Israeli society, while still valid for world-wide application.

Through her lectures and discussion groups held in Israel and abroad, she raises the awareness of the Jewish world regarding the subject of women's status and self-actualization in Judaism, specifically addressing the complexity of Jewish divorce today.

Dr. Levmore is also trusted by the "establishment,” which facilitates her involvement in the development and application of far-reaching solutions to the agunah problem. The general populace, as well, has recognized the efficacy of this project, with pleas for assistance reaching the Dr. Levmore from women in every strata of Israeli society in Israel and abroad.

Rabbi David Rue

Rabbi Rue resides in Alon Shvut, Israel and entered Rabbanus in 1984 founding Young Israel of Northridge. He Studied under many Gdolim, was a Ben Bais of Rav Chaim Drukman שליט"א, and was Meshamesh on the Beit Din of Rav Shmuel Chaim Katz זצ"ל, Av Beit Din of Los Angeles.

Rabbi David Rue has been a Dayan on the Beit Din of Los Angeles since 1991, and has been the Av Beit Din from 2000. He has arranged close to 4000 Gittin, and supervised over 1000 conversions. Rabbi Rue has sat for 500 Dinei Torah. Most of the time Rabbi Rue has been working to help Agunot. He has dealt with close to 500 cases and been able to successfully close over 95% of the cases. Rabbi Rue wrote a Sefer on how to write names in Gittin that is found in every Beit Din in Israel that writes Gittin. He is currently working on a sefer on Kiddushei Taut.

He has been a pulpit Rabbi in several congregations (including two Young Israels.) Rabbi Rue has been especially interested in helping small Jewish communities develop. He has supervised construction of Mikvaot and Eruvin to help them attract new families and ease life within these communities. Rabbi Rue is an expert in Kashrut, and a trained Shochet. He has supervised for the last 20 years the world's largest production of Chalav Yisrael Milk in Arizona. Rabbi Rue is a Sofer Stam, and has written dozens of Megilot, Teffilin, and hundreds of Mezuzot. He has also written thousands of Gittin. Rabbi Rue has served as a Posek and Rav HaMachshir and Scholar in Residence.

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