Support Israel Region programs with a tax-deductible donation

IYIM - Israel Region is a registered non-profit organization under section 46 in Israel. Donations to International Young Israel Movement are made via the Ne'eman Foundation. We greatly appreciate your support!


Israeli Shekels

Donations for the International Young Israel Movement can be made by credit card, paypal and checks

A donation check can be made out to:
The International Young Israel Movement
24 Hillel Street, 4th Floor
Jerusalem 9458124

To make a wire transfer please contact to receive the details. 

U.S. Dollars

Should be payable to “Ne’eman Foundation USA” with a note attached (or a notation on the memo line) indicating IYIM.

The check should be sent to:
Ne’eman Foundation USA,
18 Hazelton Road, Newton,
MA 02459, USA.

Can be made directly to our account at TD Bank:
T.D.Bank N.A., Wilmington, Delaware
Routing Number 211370545
Account Name – Ne’eman Foundation USA
Account Number – 8253657420
Please send an email with details of the transaction to and 


Canadian Dollars

Online donations can also be made using Interac. Please use the email address for the recipient

Please make your cheque payable to “Ne’eman Foundation Canada” and include International Young Israel on the memo line of the cheque.

The check should be sent to:
Ne’eman Foundation Canada
164 York Hill Boulevard,
Thornhill, ON L4J 2P6

Can be made directly to our account at:
TD Bank TD Canada Trust
1677 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON M5M 3Y3
Institution: 004
Branch: 0252
Bank No.: 2
Account No.: 02525226859
Account Name: Ne’eman Foundation Canada
(For US dollar donations within Canada, please credit Account No. 02527301863 – Ne’eman Foundation Canada)
Please send a short email to following the transfer so we can identify the transaction and issue the appropriate receipt.


British pounds

Donations can be made by credit and PayPal and earmarked for International Young Israel.