Our Administrative Team

Daniel "Mush" Meyer

Executive Director

Ayla Zuckerman

Executive Assistant

Ayla Zuckerman made aliyah four years ago and is studying at Tzvia Yitziratit in Jerusalem. She works part-time for International Young Israel as the executive assistant. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, and now resides with her family in Neve Daniel. Ayla wants to major in architecture when she is older, but she loves working with us to help others.

Program Directors

Dr. Rachel Levmore

Get Refusal Prevention Program

Get-Refusal Prevention Program Dr. Levmore has been the Director of the Agunot and Get-Refusal Prevention Program for over a decade. As an expert on the agunah problem she is the author of מניעי ענייך מדמעה (“Save your eyes from tears”) on prenuptial agreements, published in Hebrew. Dr. Levmore holds a Ph.D. in Talmud and Jewish Law from Bar Ilan University. Her dissertation focused on the change in rulings of the Israeli Rabbinic Courts in the most difficult cases of get-refusal. Dr. Levmore is an internationally recognized leader in resolving and preventing the agunah problem. She lectures about halacha, women in halacha and divorce in Jewish Law, in Israel and Jewish communities around the world. More about Dr. Rachel Levmore...

Rabbi David Rue

Get Refusal Prevention Programs

Rabbi Rue resides in Alon Shvut, Israel and entered Rabbanus in 1984 founding Young Israel of Northridge. He Studied under many Gdolim, was a Ben Bais of Rav Chaim Drukman שליט"א, and was Meshamesh on the Beit Din of Rav Shmuel Chaim Katz זצ"ל, Av Beit Din of Los Angeles.

Rabbi David Rue has been a Dayan on the Beit Din of Los Angeles since 1991, and has been the Av Beit Din from 2000. He has arranged close to 4000 Gittin, and supervised over 1000 conversions. Rabbi Rue has sat for 500 Dinei Torah. Most of the time Rabbi Rue has been working to help Agunot. He has dealt with close to 500 cases and been able to successfully close over 95% of the cases. Rabbi Rue wrote a Sefer on how to write names in Gittin that is found in every Beit Din in Israel that writes Gittin. He is currently working on a sefer on Kiddushei Taut. More about Rabbi David Rue...

Rabbi Shalom Hammer

Mental Health Workshops and IDF Torah program coordinator

Rabbi Shalom Hammer lives in Israel now 31 years with his wife Gabi, his children and grandchildren. He serves as a motivational lecturer and presenter in the Israeli army for the educational branch, Jewish Identity branch, and the Netiv conversion course of the IDF.

Eight years ago he founded and remains the director of Makom Meshutaf (Unified Place), which offers non-denominational and non-coercive Jewish educational programming throughout Israel’s Pre Military Academies and Kibbutzim. Makom Meshutaf also promotes dialogue and cooperation between the different denominations of Judaism in Israel and is now under the auspices of the World Mizrachi organization.

Rabbi Hammer has authored five books, and is a renowned guest lecturer for communities throughout Israel and the Diaspora including USA, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Hong Kong. More about Rabbi Shalom Hammer..

Rachel Weinstein

Mental Health Workshops

Rachel Weinstein is a licensed clinical social worker from Brooklyn and Chicago and holds a B.A. in Psychology from Stern College and a Master's in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has worked with children and adults in residential psychiatric facilities, schools for the developmentally disabled, nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. She has extensive experience in grief and bereavement support and is passionate about working with LGBTQ individuals and their families within the Orthodox and greater Jewish community. She strongly believes that everyone has a story that needs to be told and that all of us deserve to be heard. More about Rachel Weinstein..

Tzachi Kind

Judaic Heritage Program for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Tzachi worked as a teacher in the education system and a lecturer in colleges for 30 years. Tzachi studied at the Hesder Yeshiva in Karnei Shomron and has a master's degree from Bar Ilan University in the Tanach and Resurrection field. He also accompanies the Bar Mitzvah project for the hearing impaired for 15 years. During the guidance of the deaf and hard-of-hearing children throughout the country, Tzachi felt the great desire to enrich their world in the field of self-identity and Jewish identity. Tzachi believes that this project will accompany them further down their path and deepen their connection to the people and the country.

Our Executive Board

Leon Blankrot

Advisory Board Member

Leon brings more than 30 years of Management experience to the IYIM team. Himself an established and successful entrepreneur, Leon has additionally worked in the non-profit world for the past 15 years. Leon is currently the Executive Director of Yashar Lachayal, an organization dedicated to providing Israel's soldiers and defense personnel with much needed gear and other amenities.

Solly Sacks

Advisory Board Member

Solly Sacks was the Director General of the World Mizrachi Organization for nearly 30 years. He was born in South Africa where he served as the Chairman of South African Zionist Federation and President of the South African Mizrachi Organization. Mr. Sacks has written and published many articles for newspapers and journals and has lectured in Jewish communities around the world.

Dr. Fred Samuels

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Fred Samuels has over 35 years of senior management experience in biotechnology companies both in Israel and the United States and today serves as a mentor to a number of Israeli StartUps. He has a PhD from Yeshiva University and was a Rockefeller Foundation Post Doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Medical School. Among his community activities since making Aliyah in 1987, Dr. Samuels has been a gabbai and served on the board of Congregation Ohel Shai, the Young Israel of Rehovot as well as headed the Parents Association of Ulpana Tzvia in Rehovot.

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