Resolution of the 9/11 Agunot

Neve Daniel

June 11, 2019

In a moving tribute to Pierre פנחס Meyer, father of IYIM director, Daniel Mush Meyer, an astounding lecture was delivered by Rabbi Prof. Michael Broyde. With great sensitivity and depth, Rabbi Broyde described the devastating aftereffects of the Sept. 11th World Trade Canter tragedy. He laid forth the halakhic reasoning and painstaking detective work surrounding the efforts of the Beth Din of America to declare each of the wives of the victims as a widow – thus releasing each one from the status of “agunah” and freeing her to remarry and rebuild her life. This demonstration of supreme halakhic sensitivity and rational together with the use of technology to alleviate human suffering, at times brought tears to the eyes of one hundred attendees, appreciating the greatness of our halakhic tradition applied to our modern lives in heretofore unknown circumstances. 

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