Prenup Educational Event

Glenwood Shul, Hashmonaim

February 12, 2019 

Guest speakers – Rav Baruch Gigi, Dr. Avigail Rock, Dr. Rachel Levmore, Yonina Speigelman

The “Halachic Prenuptial Agreement” educational event was held on February 12th, in partnership with Matan Hashmonaim.

The event drew a crowd of nearly one hundred people, who flocked to hear the riveting lecture from HaRav Baruch Gigi, Rosh Yeshivat Har Etzion, who enlightened the crowd about the prenuptial Agreement for Mutual Respect for the prevention of get-refusal, discussing several points of view on the topic according to our sages.

HaRav Gigi called for all marrying couples to sign such an agreement in order to protect the Jewish family unit. He was followed by the insights of Dr. Avigail Rock, Toenet Rabbanit, emphasizing how important it is that the prenuptial agreement become a societal norm. She stressed that it should be signed by all engaged couples and not just those who have doubts about their potential life partner. It should be signed from a position of strength and not weakness.

Dr. Rachel Levmore, Toenet Rabbanit, Director of IYIM’s Project for the Prevention of Agunot and Get-Refusal, strengthened the case for the Agreement of Mutual Respect by explaining about the content of the halachic prenuptial agreement that she co-authored. She clarified that the agreement is egalitarian, providing a monetary incentive which brings the spouses to communicate and agree to the deliverance or acceptance of a Get (or to reach reconciliation), thus preventing get-refusal.

The evening ended with the first-hand testimony by Yonina Spiegelman, a young happily married local resident who signed the prenuptial Agreement for Mutual Respect, together with her spouse, before her wedding. She explained the importance of signing the agreement with her husband before getting married and how her hope is to lead by example for her peers to make this prenuptial agreement the norm. She chose to act as a proud ambassador for her friends and the next generation. At the conclusion, the floor was opened for questions and answers.

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