Prenup Educational Panel

Ohel Yona Menachem, Beit Shemesh

June 5, 2018

Guest speakers –  HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein, Dr. Avigail Rock, Dr. Rachel Levmore, Dorit

An avant-garde event on the topic of  Halachic Prenuptial Agreements: Protecting Our Loved Ones from the Possibility of Get-Refusal was held on Tuesday, June 5th in Beit Shemesh.

The hall at Ohel Yonah Menachem (OYM) synagogue was packed as the audience was inspired and informed about the importance of prenuptial agreements by three renowned speakers: HaRav Mayer Lichtenstein (Rabbi of OYM ), Dr. Avigail Rock (Toenet Rabbanit) and Dr. Rachel Levmore (Dir. IYIM Project for the Prevention of Agunot and Get-Refusal). At the end of the evening, the crowd got to hear from a young woman, who along with her husband, signed a Halachic prenuptial agreement and act as proud ambassadors for their friends.

This event was sponsored by the International Young Israel Movement (IYIM), Ohel Yonah Menachem synagogue and 5 other synagogues that make part of the ‘Achdut HaKehillot’ – Givat Sharet community.

The participants ranged from couples with children of marriageable age to young married couples who have signed a halachic prenuptial agreement.

These questions are often asked:” Why would an engaged couple who are in love think, or want, to sign a prenuptial agreement dealing with divorce?  Is this agreement really necessary, how can these lovely people become demons? Why is it important that Jewish society accept the prenuptial as a societal norm? Why is there no built-in safety valve in the Ketubah (marriage contract)?

These were the many questions addressed by the three speakers during the evening.

“We made sure that our child would sign a prenuptial agreement for the prevention of get-refusal when it was still new….Much to our surprise and shock we needed to make use of it. I really believe that the agreement saved our child from heartache and afforded our child the opportunity to continue on with life in an easier manner.” (Testimony of a Participant)

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