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Dr Rachel Levmore

Dr Rachel Levmore


Director, Agunah & Get-Refusal Prevention Project

Dr. Rachel Levmore studied Jewish Family Law in the training program for women Rabbinical Court Advocates under the auspices of Ohr Torah Institutions. She received her license to practice as a to'enet rabbanit from the Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel in the mid 1990's. From that point on her specialty was resolving difficult cases within the halakha, which were presented to the Israeli Rabbinical Courts, including agunah cases.

Rachel is one of a team that developed a Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of Get-Refusal for use in Israel, while she developed it further for use internationally ─ Heskem l'Kavod  Hadadi, “The Agreement for Mutual Respect". As an expert on the agunah problem she is the author of "Min'ee Einayikh Me'Dimah" on prenuptial agreements, published in Hebrew. Rachel holds a Ph.D. degree in Talmud and Jewish Law from Bar Ilan University. Her dissertation focused on the change in rulings of the Israeli Rabbinic Courts in the most difficult cases of get-refusal.

For over a decade Rachel has been the Director of the Agunot and Get-Refusal Prevention Project, supported by the Jewish Agency. As an internationally recognized leader in resolving the agunah problem and in its prevention, Rachel lectures about halakha, women in halakha and divorce in Jewish Law, in Israel and Jewish communities around the world.