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Ceec Harrishburg

Ceec Harrishburg

Ceec and his wife Tema made aliyah 3 1/2 years ago from Elizabeth, New Jersey where they lived for 4 years prior to settling in Yerushalayim. Two of their daughters, their husbands and several grandchildren live in Ramat Beit Shemesh. Another daughter, son-in-law and family reside in Brooklyn.

Prior to making aliyah they lived in Patchogue, Long Island where Ceec served as the President of the Young Israel for many years. During that time he worked closely with National Council of Young Israel and was involved with many of their activities.

Bringing people together, sharing ideas, and striving to create efficient working teams are activities which every president deals with. Being involved with IYIM is an extension of those efforts which were begun many years ago. The time and the effort is great, but the results are extremely satisfying. It is an exciting challenge to be involved with so many wonderful people here in Israel. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement.