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Sderot Teen Café

Sderot Teen Café – (Director: Yael Spanglet) – The Doresh Tov – IYIM teenage Café (physically connected to the Young Israel of Sderot) operates for the moderate to high risk teenagers (13-18 year olds) of the city of Sderot mainly from low income homes. At present, there are approximately 400-500 delinquent teenagers who spend their nights in local parks, leading to noise, violence and vandalism in the neighborhoods. The aim of the Cafe is to provide a gathering place for these teenagers where they will be guided by positive role models and youth counselors. They are empowered to achieve through educational enrichment and community service. They are taught tools for dealing with street and trauma (mainly due to the unstable security situation) and the development of self-esteem/interpersonal skills. There is a major problem along ethnical lines among the Teens of Sderot and we hope to deal with this by fostering common interest and leadership programming.

If you would like to arrange to visit the Cafe, please contact us at: iyimisrael@gmail.com