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The Agreement for Mutual Respect

A Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of Get-Refusal


"The Agreement for Mutual Respect" is presented here in the original Hebrew kit. Following are versions which include an international arbitration clause in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew.

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The Council of Young Israel Rabbis in Israel, in cooperation with Rabbi Yonah Reiss and Rabbi Prof. Michael Broyde--both of the Beth Din of America, has translated the "Agreement for Mutual Respect", developed for use in Israel, into English. An additional clause has been included which assigns jurisdiction to the Beth Din of America (as an arbitrator) should either of the parties not reside in the State of Israel, or should the agreement not be deemed enforceable in the jurisdiction that the parties reside. The agreement including this clause has been translated into French and Spanish. All are presented here, as well as a Hebrew version including the additional clause.

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Instructions for Signing
In order to legally validate the agreement it must be signed prior to the wedding in three copies, before a notary or the marriage registrar in the Religious Council's office or the Regional Rabbinic Court or the Family Court.

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Please note for your information that the composers of the prenuptial agreement cannot take upon themselves legal or halakhic (Jewish legal) responsibility for the phrasing and text of the agreement or for its validity. Rabbinic and Halakhic authority and/or legal authority (an attorney), of your choosing, should be consulted in order to obtain appropriate counsel and advice.

The Agreement for Mutual Respect: A Prenuptial Agreement for the Prevention of Get-Refusal

The signing of prenuptial agreements for the prevention of Get-Refusal has been recommended by the Rabbinate. It is included in the Resolutions of the Rabbinical Council of America which were adopted in June 1993, entitled "In the Matter of Prenuptial Agreements". A year later, in 1994, "The Endorsement of Prenuptial Agreements" was reaffirmed. Furthermore, the leading Roshei Yeshiva of Yeshiva University issued "A Message to Our Rabbinic Colleagues and Students" in 1999, strongly urging "rabbis to counsel and encourage marrying couples to sign such an agreement. The increased utilization of pre-nuptial agreements is a critical step in purging our community of the distressful problem of the modern-day Aguna and enabling men and women to remarry without restriction." In May 2006, the Rabbinical Council of America once again reaffirmed its previous resolutions, declaring "that no rabbi should officiate at a wedding where a proper prenuptial agreement on get has not been executed".


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