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Dr. Levmore, Director of the Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention program, has featured articles in the following news sources:

 1.The NY based Orthodox newspaper, The Jewish Press, examines the agunah situation through the publishing of an article by the director of the IYIM Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention Project, Dr. Rachel Levmore:

Rachel Levmore, “Cheshbon Nefesh On The Plight Of Agunot”, The Jewish Press, March 17, 2017 http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/cheshbon-nefesh-on-the-plight-of-agunot/2017/03/17/  

2. The Israeli popular site “kipa” published an article authored by Dr. Rachel Levmore.  raising consciousness in the Hebrew-speaking public about the Agunah problem: רחל לבמור, " יום העגונה תשע"ז: חשבון נפשות", כיפה 9.3.17 http://www.kipa.co.il/jew/77211.html​

3. An additional article published marking Agunah day is: Rachel Levmore, “Taking Stock on International Agunah Day 5777”, Times of Israel, March 8, 2017 http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/taking-stock-on-international-agunah-day-5777/ 

4.A scholarly article authored by director of the IYIM Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention Project was solicited by the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance to be included in a Festscrift honoring Blu Greenberg. It was published in a beautiful volume together with articles authored by leading Orthodox figures both in Israel and in the US: Dr. Rachel Levmore, “Reflections of a To’enet Rabbanit”, You Arose, a Mother in Israel: A Festscrift in Honor of Blu Greenberg, JOFA 2017, pp.79-84. The book can be seen at


5. The popular magazine Segula: a Magazine of Israeli History – in its Hebrew language edition of March-April 2017– published a four page glossy spread interviewing the director of the IYIM Agunah and Get-Refusal Prevention Project, Dr. Rachel Levmore, describing her as one who makes history. The serious in-depth interview turned out to be fascinating, accompanied by impressive photographs.