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Rosh Chodesh BBQ for 100 soldiers


Together with Rav Barnea, chief Rabbi of the IDF based in Yehuda V'Shomron, IYIM together with its friend worldwide will be assisting in the financing of a Sukkah mobile built on the back of an army truck. The Sukkah will not only travel to the 100 bases in these areas, but also to the military checkpoints, the pillboxes (where soldiers guard over villages etc,) and wherever a soldier may be found. IYIM will be providing the care packages that will be given to the soldiers along with the opportunity to shake lulav and etrog. We encourage you to kindly donate these packagesand encourage you that if you are in Israel during Sukkot to join us on the bus that will follow the Sukkah mobile as it visitors the soldiers. Spaces are strictly limited so rsvp at: iyimisrael@gmail.com