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Chanukah Celebrations

Chanukah celebrations were held in ten Moadonim (deaf social clubs) throughout Israel. In order to develop the content and prepare for the performances each group held educational sessions with the rabbis who expanded their knowledge of the holiday, its history and traditional customs. The participants were thus motivated to develop the program for the performance themselves.

The show expressed their interpretations of Chanukah and demonstrated the knowledge they gained in preparation for the shows. The rabbis who provided the training and background attended the performances and enhanced the evening with Chanukah stories and customs.

from the audience...

"I was particularly inspired by the new Young Adult Deaf Drama troupe's first play. Under the guidance of Boaz Avraham, a theatrical director from Yaffo, the troupe wrote, acted and sang an original script about a deaf family celebrating Hanukah. The play, if a somewhat ingenuous first attempt, also showed great professionalism both in the direction and several superb acting performances. Moreover, this bright group of young actors incorporated personal stories that were evocative and touching.
In my opinion, not only has this group moved Israeli deaf drama up several notches, but they also look like a potential nucleus of leadership capable of advancing their own community. I'm keeping my eye on this intelligent, energetic group, and waiting for more creative performances to enrich both deaf and hearing communities alike."

---Cary Jacoby, Volunteer, Jerusalem Deaf Club

"The Chanukah performance by the "Deaf Players" was emotionally moving and inspirational. Choosing a plot that was appropriate for Chanukah and presenting on such a high level of acting made this an unforgettable experience to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired audience".

---Menachem Orbach , Chairman, Deaf Social Club, Holon

"Observing the deaf in song and pantomime and having the deaf teach "signs" for the songs to the non-deaf, left the crowd (mixed hearing and hearing impaired) with a feeling of connection, compassion and content."

---Yardena Sadeh, MSW, Community Social Coordinator for the Deaf and Hearing  Impaired