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Shavuot Celebration at the Deaf Club House, Bat Yam

Shavuot is Zman Matan Toratenu – and the Torah was given to Klal Yisrael. There is no Jew who should not have access to Limud Torah or to the Chagim. Passing on the Moreshet Yisrael to the Deaf and Hearing impaired in Israel is what the IYIM – “Judaic Heritage Program for Israel's Deaf and Hearing Impaired“ project is all about.

On May 12th, Rabbi Yeres of the project went to a gathering of the Deaf community in the seaside city of Bat Yam where he joined a delightful Shavuot celebration. He enlightened the participants of the importance of learning and cherishing our holy Torah, using stories and midrashim in order for them to understand better the essence of the holiday. His presentation was accompanied by sign language translation commendably handled by Yehuda Malka the coordinator of the Moadon Chershim- of Bat Yam- Deaf Community Social/Support Group.