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What Makes Us Unique

Beineinu is a cross between meeting in a super casual setting such as a party, or a kiddush, where it is sometimes awkward to approach someone new, and more in-your-face “meet for marriage only” settings-that apply pressurized meeting opportunities.  
Beineinu creates a gentle and sensitive approach to meeting as we know this isn’t easy for everyone. We acknowledge that everyone has different needs and styles when it comes to meeting and we attempt to nurture those differences. For people who are on the shyer side, we attempt to make introductions, for people on the more extroverted side we simply provide space and people and opportunities to connect.
While we are not a formal “shidduch” organization, what differentiates us from the rest is that we encourage people to learn what they need to do in order to create a relationship using their own style that suits them. We encourage people to develop a more proactive approach to creating a successful relationship. The more proactive a person is at creating their own relationship, the more successful their relationship will be in the long run.
Each event is geared towards a specific age, this is strongly adhered to. By creating strong boundaries, participants feel that they can trust what we offer them.
             Creativity
             Variety
             Connection
Some of the events that we create have a specific theme that enable people to connect. For example our musical Shabbaton in Mitzpe Ramon attracted music lovers and gave people a vehicle through which to connect.