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About IYIM


The International Young Israel Movement (IYIM) – Israel works with Jews in Israel across the socio-economic and religio-ethinic spectrum with a focus on Jewish heritage and Jewish identity.Headquartered in Jerusalem, IYIM focuses particularly on populations that fall between the cracks, those whose needs may be overlooked by other organizations and governmental efforts.

IYIM focuses on providing unique programming and support for these populations, which include Deaf youth, Agunot and divorce-refusal victims, at-risk youth within Sderot, families who are victims of the cycle of poverty, and others.   IYIM aims to support and empower its participants to strengthen their personal identity, Jewish identity, family unit and contribution to Israeli society. 

These efforts are carried out by IYIM in the spirit of love and respect for one’s fellow Jew; love of one’s Land and country; respect for Jewish tradition and acknowledgement of Jewish history, all with the underlying spirit of Ahavat Yisrael and Torah Yisrael.